My Governor’s Ball Attire!

Dear reader,

We waited online for the Governor’s Ball Photo Tent on Randall’s Island at the festival weeks ago to take these photos. I wore my Banana Republic summer fedora! I looked chic, and I was protected from those sun rays! I also wore a long and layered white, sheer dress that was crocheted on top, along with a faux denim crop, button-down top over it (My shoulders and upper arms were protected from the sun also!) I purchased the Sacred Threads dress and crop top at a local boutique in Ridgewood, NJ (where I live). The small boutique on Franklin Ave is sadly going out of business at the end of June, but everything was on sale. My camera was broken, so I do not have any photos to share of the entire outfit : (  (but that means I may wear the outfit again somewhere else….stay tuned 😉 ). I think I looked chic and stayed well protected from the sun at the same time (I also wore my circle sunglasses that I also wore when the photo below was taken). The best comments I got about my outfit that day were these two girls at the festival I had never met that said I looked exactly like Blair Waldorf. I’ll take it!!






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Dear reader,

I bought this pretty flower-patterned romper in mid May at a Lucky Brand store. It is a light material, so it’s perfect for hot weather. I have gotten so much use out of it so far. For instance, it was perfect for a Sunday exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn & walking on the Williamsburg bridge while taking in the NYC views, people, and cultures. I especially enjoyed looking at the street style in Williamsburg. People there did not play by too many rules when getting dressed, and I feel inspired to do the same. People expressed themselves in what they wore and how they looked, and it brought a feeling of creative freedom and liberation. People seemed to tell stories with what they wore. I walked into a few lovely second hand/vintage stores throughout the day, and one that is memorable (I forgot the name :/) had a long line of people holding bags of clothing to donate. It was packed with funky, eclectic styles and people shopping the racks. I liked that the womens’ and mens’ clothing was all in the same area of the store because I haven’t really seen that before. Williamsburg is not only full of colorful and interesting folk, but many walls have colorful grafitti art that tell unique stories too.



Holiday in the Sun

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My boyfriend and I took a road trip (my first ever!) from North New Jersey all the way down to a beach town along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida last week. It included lots of driving and sun bathing. We also kayaked out to a tiny private island and watched the sunset on a scenic dock somewhere on the coast near the beach town. I figured I’d share some photos, especially ones that show off my outfits! I also bought a disposable camera on the trip to capture some street style, but our short stay (just a couple days) and other plans didn’t allow me the chance to. Alas, I still have the camera, and I will surely spring back with another post(s) of street styles I see on my journeys, wherever that may be!


Is that Sweater/Dress/Skirt,Etc. In Your Closet Too Old/Boring/Etc. For You?: Discovering Your Niche(s) in Style and Fashion!

Using fashion correctly should make one feel good about themselves, and using fashion in such a way can be a good indicator about changes one may need to make in their wardrobe to figure out what works for them! For instance, one piece of clothing that forced me to write this article (not literally haha) is a white, wool, button up sweater that my mother donated to me and which I brought with me to my new closet in my new apartment. Although I wrote an entire previous post on styling your wardrobe (, I was not going to necessarily wear one of those outfits while lounging around my apartment alone. At the same time, I still wanted to look and feel good (and warm!) in what I wore. Alas, I chose the white, wool sweater I described earlier in this post to wear over a beige, cotton t-shirt and with black, skinny, stretchy cotton pants. While looking in the mirror at this ensemble, it occurred to me that my sweater did not flatter my shape, and it made me look like a librarian (nothing against librarians but I’m just saying I’m not one!). I did not look my age in the sweater either. I did not feel good in the sweater because I did not feel or look like me wearing it. Dressing in a way that makes you feel like you (depending on your age, shape, personality, etc) is definitely a confidence booster, take it from me! (Not to mention, it also gives you the chance to know yourself and your niche(s) more. It makes a world of difference! (Another moral of the story is to not just accept clothing from people/your mother because it was given to you free of charge. They take up room in your closet/drawer where something you actually like and wear more could be!!)

Is there an item(s)  in your wardrobe that does not reflect you?

Spring (and the 1960s) Are in the Air!!!

With AMC’s Mad Men premiering soon, the warm weather of spring approaching, festival season around the corner (Holla, Woodstock!!), and bell-bottoms becoming a huge trend (once again, to my great delight!!), it seems like all the stars are aligning with the 1960s and the summer of love. Please check out my Pinterest board ( for some bell-bottom-inspiration (Please just scroll down my board a bit for the bell-bottoms)!!  

Will you be trying on some bell-bottoms?!

Closet Dieting, Creating Every Day Outfit Inspiration, and Having Fun Inside Your Closet (No Pun Intended): Confessions of a Clothing Hoarder

I’m going to be completely honest and frank here. When I was living at my parents house until, oh I don’t know, yesterday, I  kept so much clothing in my closet that I hardly ever wore. I normally do not like labeling anybody (including myself), but I believe there was some hoarding going on. It was not necessarily a negative because I loved how many options I had to choose from and thus how many seemingly endless styling/pairing alternatives I had. Getting dressed always felt exciting. On the other hand, I had so much clothing that I would treat my clothing poorly, and it would be shmushed together in my closet and my drawer. It seemed like a miracle when I would find just what I was looking for quickly. Usually I had to flip through multiple items that I hardly ever wore. Clearly, getting dressed every day meant I was involved in a love-hate relationship with my closet/wardrobe.

Flash forward to my new apartment and new closet as of, oh I don’t know, yesterday. It includes only my favorite items from my old wardrobe, and I’m about to tell you (excitingly) how I made my life infinitely more simple (and refreshing!) when getting dressed. For some, you may have been doing this forever, and for others, this may sound new to you, but, either way, please pay attention and take note that I am on to something here (I apologize if I sound a bit full of myself, but I promise it’s just how I get when I am excited!) While unpacking my clothing from my suitcase and transferring it to my closet, I had the (grand) idea to not just mindlessly hang up clothing so it feels like a chore, but to style outfits (through layering, which I love), directly onto my hangers! Coordinating and styling outfits for myself ahead of time will likely not just save me time in the future (if, say, I’m in a rush or running late), but it is a form of organization that I find as useful for enhancing my creativity (and joy) when getting dressed. It also will not hurt that I will be training my eye more to see with a more skilled eye what matches and works well together (and what does not match and/or work well together).

This may come across as incredibly simple advice, but, take it from me, someone who has not put as much thought as I could have into organizing and styling what’s in my closet before, it feels empowering because, by cleaning out your wardrobe and styling it ahead of time, you will actually be growing your styling options (because everything will be visible enough and accessible enough so you will not forget it exists!) You will have more choices and options, so you won’t feel owned by what you put into your closet. Instead you will be owning all your looks, even if you are just walking down the street. You will definitely be turning some heads, but, most importantly, the end goal is to feel more confident and comfortable in your skin (through the cloth that goes on your skin!)